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MIA DIAMONDS A factory in which diamonds are polished and embedded. The jewelry factory store, located at 9 HaRakon St., 2nd floor of the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan.

The company is managed by Moshe Arnias, a diamond merchant with extensive experience in the diamond industry and a veteran member of the Diamond Exchange

The company imports the raw diamond from the best mines in the world and processes it in very meticulous processes until it is embedded in the highest quality techniques in the jewelry. The whole process of production and sale takes place within the factory of MIA DIAMONDS, so that the brokerage gaps are saved from you and you get to buy expensive jewelry at its real cost.






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specializes in the manufacture and sale of engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and all kinds. Our extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing engagement rings enables us to adjust the size to the ring even by image, so that the surprise will not be destroyed … All the rings and jewels in our factory are handcrafted by veteran jewelers at the highest level of professionalism.


Jewelry invites you to tour the factory to expose you to the wonderful world of diamonds. On the tour you will get explanations about the processes that will pass from the moment he was mined in the mines around the world in his rough condition and until he was placed in the jewelry. This allows you to understand how the price of the diamond is determined by its degree of cleanliness, polishing, color and, in general, a jewel that you are about to give to your lover.

In our company you will understand that there is no need to give up or compromise the integrity of the jewelry due to the large and varied selection of jewelry at affordable prices.


Jewelry wants to take a good part in the exciting moments in your life and to work your dream for a sentimental and precious piece of jewelry. We suggest that you plan and think about a unique design for your jewelry, send us a sketch and we will make sure to manufacture the special jewel for you according to your requirements and in accordance with your budget and quality of work meticulous and high to create the perfect jewelry that you thought about.

We will make improvements to your request with infinite patience until the moment the jewelry is manufactured to your satisfaction. We offer you the jewel in a prestigious and prestigious design that will make the romantic moment in your life be more exciting.MIA DIAMONDS Jewelry wants you to start your relationship with the perfection of MIA DIAMONDS.

If you have thought of a special jewel, it is time to contact us, MIA DIAMONDS.

Customer's Testimonials

Beth Hallent

Mia Diamonds is the best diamonds store that I have ever known about. Excellent product quality, delicate support, super fast delivery. Most of my jewelries have been purchased here. Thanks for great work!

Beth Hallent